We already process Auto Enrolment for over 800,000 UK employees. Uniquely, we offer a cost effective, fully compliant auto enrolment solution, integrated with a highly personalised member communication interface.

This recognises that:

  • Corporate advisers and product providers need to enable clients to comply with their auto enrolment obligations efficiently and cost effectively; whilst
  • Employees need the right tools and information to achieve the best outcomes for their retirement savings.

It offers the complete answer:

  • Self-service on-boarding by employers;
  • Straight through auto enrolment processing; and
  • Integration with workplace benefits websites to deliver personal information to members at every stage of the process.

The platform dynamically imports employee data from HR and payroll systems, pension administrators and DC investment carriers, and:

  • Processes payroll information and assesses workers, assigning auto enrolment dates and worker categories;
  • Drives communications to employees at every stage of the process from postponement, where this applies, to enrolment, opting out/leaving and re-enrolment;
  • Manages, monitors and records opt-ins and opt-outs;
  • Reports joiners, leavers, and contribution and investment instructions to payrolls and pension carriers; and
  • Generates MI and statutory, reporting and record keeping.
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