Future for benefit providers

Legislation, regulatory obligations and market change are exerting massive pressure on benefit providers, closing channels of income and generating demand for new services.

The benefit providers who thrive in this new environment will be radically different:

  • Offering new and innovative services to customers (both employers and employees), embracing innovative distribution channels, delivering services at lower cost; and
  • Adopting new skills, systems, measurements and governance.

Our Advanced Reward Management platform gives benefit providers the capabilities required to innovate, and achieve a breakthrough in performance across their businesses. Solution areas encompass:

  • Strategic Interoperability: enabling systems and people to interoperate across organisational boundaries, so that errors and manual intervention are eliminated and higher levels of service can be provided at lower levels of cost.
  • Intelligent Conversations: as though to an `audience of one', so ensuring the right conversation with the right person at the right time.
  • Advanced Employee Engagement: educating, informing with crystal clarity so that individuals are able to make choices suited to their needs.
  • Lifetime Management: beyond the current employer, whether that be in work or in retirement.
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